[intro_section title_1=”The Big Pool” description=”Conveniently coupled with the CoconutsPalm restaurant is a long, resplendent, mint green-coloured pool. Guests are readily drawn to its cool waters, where they will find the necessary space to enjoy a variety of activities.

Visitors may choose to soothe and stretch their sun-kissed bodies by swimming lengthy and languid laps in the water, as the pool spans approximately 22 metres.

Other possible entertainment includes sipping on a fizzy cocktail by one of the pool’s ledges, thanks to the friendly staff who will refresh your glass without you even having to emerge from the water. Near these ledges, guests will find rows of smooth, cylindrical pool seats, which happen to be ideal spots to sit and soak up the sun while chatting with a friend or two.

Upon gliding out of the water and cosying up with a towel, guests who have chosen poolside accommodation will have easy access to it, with paved steps leading to the room’s wooden deck.

The area surrounding the pool feels jungly and tropical in all the best ways, lush as it is with palms, flowers and tropical plants, as well as large, decorous ivory-coloured umbrellas (and a tarpaulin on one side) which provide the necessary shade to sprawl out under the afternoon sun. Sunbathing is an easy feat here, with vast sun beds allowing for comfortably cushioned contact with the sun.

This area is dotted with little tables where vacationers can comfortably indulge on snacks or meals at their convenience. Guests will delight in charming decor, such as delicate flower vases and golden statues—some stand contemplatively, respectfully greeting visitors as they walk past, while others possess the manner of serenely obliging cherubims, balancing elegant lanterns in a peacefully attentive demeanour.

A unique touch to this pool is the living room-like area at one end, which invites guests to mix and mingle while sharing food, drinks and laughs.

Whether it be for a revitalising morning splash, relaxation with a friend or a book, or for a reflective night-time dip, this pool is ideal for a holidaymaker ready for some well-deserved enjoyment.

At dusk, these lamps radiate a luminous glow that brings with it a touch of mystique. The Tropical Pool” description=”Symmetry is a key component in aesthetic design, and this becomes apparent upon encountering the exclusive octagonal pool at CoconutsPalm resort. The lush tropical surroundings of tall coconut palms, along with the water’s sky-blue hue, and the deck’s beige-and-grey furnishings make this a splendid oasis alluring to the vacationer’s eye. At the pool’s centre resembles an oversized flower pot, also octagonal, nestling a large bouquet of lush tropical plants and crowned by a swaying palm, all of which add mystery and playfulness to this oasis.

Ideal for friendly strangers–and even more so for family and friends–it’s clear that here, guests will discover the serenity they crave. This secret pool is tucked away in a more secluded area of the resort, where guests can enjoy a delightful privacy in nature’s company, whether that be a cheerful morning greeting, or a sweet evening rendezvous.This pool connects directly with eight of the resort’s gorgeous bungalows, which each have back doors that stand equidistant from the pool’s ledges. A curtained veranda is the perfect pause-in-the-shade spot between pool and home. Each bungalow has its own terrace, consisting of a spacious wooden floor area and a cushioned wooden sunbed. Surrounding each deck is a white railing that lends boundaries and that feeling of safety to the space.

At the base of each terrace are a few large and smooth steps that descend into the water, aiding the visitor in slowly gliding into the merry-go-round of a pool. Request room service and allow yourself to lounge endlessly, cocktail in one hand, book in another, friends right and left. Yes, life is good here.

This place is perfect, indeed, for watching the kids enjoy themselves in a contained space, and equally fair for frolicking in a coquettish game of hide-and-seek with your partner. One thing is clear; this pool’s secluded geometrical allure sets the stage for anyone who desires to truly relax and share intimate moments with loved ones.