Thai Massage Service

The massage will last 1 hour in our hotel but can easily be extended. The massage is done on a mattress placed on the floor. The person will make the massage are dressed in exemplary and comfortable clothes.
According to you, the therapist proposes the postures and the intensity that you want. The Thai massage started and ended by taking a few minutes to concentrate. The treatment normally ends with a soothing massage of the abdomen, chest, arms, hands, and face.

The benefits of Thai massage

In Thailand, massage is done for preventive and therapeutic purposes. It is particularly effective in treating back pain, circulation problems, and headaches. In the case of insomnia, anxiety, and stress Thai massage can help you. Practiced regularly, it makes daily life more harmonious. Traditionally learn in Buddhist temples, the most famous school is Wat Po in Bangkok. Massage Thai releases physical tensions also helps to release negative emotions.

After Thai massage

You will be surprised by the manipulations did. Thai massage has nothing to do with more or less intense touches. After an hour we feel completely relaxed but not asleep. I recommended for everyone and spécialy when you just come from a longs way.

Price for oil or Thai massage Including 1 hour.


400฿ / Per Instance / Per Guest

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