Thai breakfast

Discover our different Thai breakfasts with these spiced rice with a sweet mix or more traditional with our fresh spices and chicken. We offer a wide choice so that all our customers can fully enjoy your stay on a full stomach.


150฿ / Per Instance / Per Accommodation

Vegetable Breakfast

Are you a vegetarian or do you just care about your figure? We offer the breakfast of champions with a balanced plate to start your day on the right foot. We get a fresh ingredient for the market every morning to bring the best dish.


200฿ / Per Instance / Per Accommodation

Continental Breakfast

A continental meal to keep your habit and make you feel at home. Have all the flavors from overseas on your plate by our restaurant chef. We offer a multitude of choices to satisfy all your desires on the plate.


350฿ / Per Instance / Per Guest

Thai Massage Service

The massage will last 1 hour in our hotel but can easily be extended. The massage is done on a mattress placed on the floor. The person will make the massage are dressed in exemplary and comfortable clothes.
According to you, the therapist proposes the postures and the intensity that you want. The Thai massage started and ended by taking a few minutes to concentrate. The treatment normally ends with a soothing massage of the abdomen, chest, arms, hands, and face.

The benefits of Thai massage

In Thailand, massage is done for preventive and therapeutic purposes. It is particularly effective in treating back pain, circulation problems, and headaches. In the case of insomnia, anxiety, and stress Thai massage can help you. Practiced regularly, it makes daily life more harmonious. Traditionally learn in Buddhist temples, the most famous school is Wat Po in Bangkok. Massage Thai releases physical tensions also helps to release negative emotions.

After Thai massage

You will be surprised by the manipulations did. Thai massage has nothing to do with more or less intense touches. After an hour we feel completely relaxed but not asleep. I recommended for everyone and spécialy when you just come from a longs way.

Price for oil or Thai massage Including 1 hour.


400฿ / Per Instance / Per Guest

One extra bed

You are three people it is possible to add an extra bed for 690 THB an additional person. For children under 2 years old, it is free. Please just specify this when you doing your booking in order to prepare your bungalows before your arrival.


690฿ / Per Day / Per Accommodation

Free extra bed for child under 2 years old

Are you a new family and want to stay close to your child? Don’t worry and get an extra bed for free in your bungalow. Offer all children under two years of age.



Rent motorbike

Motorbike and scooter rental in CoconutPalm resort. Book on this site in three clicks. Online reservations possible for a scooter claimed on your arrival. Our station offers Honda Click for rent at low prices on Koh Samui in Thailand.

Rent Motorbike in Koh Samui

Come to visit Koh Samui and move around the island we love. Rent a safe motorbike in our hotel at unbeatable prices! The island is the second biggest island in Thailand and one of the most visited places.

Samui has a very vast territory and no one wants to miss any of it. all Attractions like temples, beaches, and national parks are easier with a bike. don’t hesitate to get a scooter to reach all places you want with ease and at your own pace. Additionally, with your motorbike, you can park wherever you want. Save your time and go to every place you want.

Driving a motorbike is definitely an unforgettable experience in Koh Samui. Viewpoints, temples, and beaches are waiting for you. We can advise and recommend a place. Renting a scooter is very easy, book online with free cancellation.

You ride a Samui in Scooter

It’s probably one of the most convenient for all foreigners. The scooter offers freedom of the most practical because Koh Samui offers a lot of activity. Obviously, for a large group, I recommend renting a car. But for slightly adventurous couples two wheels are a wise choice. Your motorcycle can be ready before your arrival.


250฿ / Per Day / Per Accommodation

Rent car

Our car rental service helps you to get all the advantages of traveling conveniently around the countryside and nearby cities as well.

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1,200฿ / Per Day / Per Accommodation

Airport Transfer

We send you our shuttle to Koh Samui airport or the ferry that comes to pick you up and drop you off directly at CoconutsPalm Resort. Our service is available online or by phone.

How does it work?

Shuttles must be booked in advance. It is a legal obligation. Likewise, passengers must have their reservations with them when picking up. This door-to-door transportation service (The driver drives from the terminal exit to the hotel). The price is fixed whatever the traffic encountered at the time of your trip.

How to book your transfer

Simply online when booking you have the option “Airport transfer” you will receive an e-mail to know the time of your arrival and a number in case of delay.


800฿ / Once / Per Accommodation