Wake up gently with a breakfast with Asian or European flavors. Our restaurant opens all day on the front of these coconut palms and its large swimming pool for a tropical view. Enjoy a dish prepared by our chef to taste new et amazing flavors.

Share a variety of northern and southern Thai specialties with fresh and local ingredients. For the diner, we offer very romantic lighting while being in an intimate and open space. The lights and the trees offer a natural view to enjoy your meal with a view full of coconut trees. Offering a friendly or romantic space for your dinner or drinking time.

Whether you choose to sit by the swimming poolside with the low tables and outdoor seating. Or in the restaurant for a more conventional setting and more suitable for the large number. You will find what you are looking for and for the most festive we have theme evenings around a BBQ.

BBQ on Thursday evenings

Try our bbq for diner every Thursday night and meet people from everywhere around a world. Experience the food from our own Chef and his BBQ. Every week the menu of the BBQ grilled a different to get the best fresh food possible. Meat, salade, seafood with vegetables everyone will find what they like on a menu of the restaurant. There are also nice and friendly live music to enjoy with everyone some show to know more about each other more.

Coconuts Palm bar

Enjoy the big swimming pool with over 22 meters in front of the bar. The Coconuts Palm bar proposes a lot of variety from Thailand drink with alcohol and without. From his fresh coconuts pick up the morning to the technical cocktail. We also get a variety of wine from Europe et south America. Enjoy your drink around the pool with coconuts tree over your head. Coconuts palm Bar offers close to this one a free pool table to enjoy your delicious drink around with tasty snacks during the day and evening. We also get happy hours to get a cheaper price and get a break on your day.