Restaurant CoconutsPalm Resort

A restaurant that will serve you fresh products with plates full of flavor and colors.

Thai and Western Food

First, our restaurant menu is available in English, Thai, French, and Chinese. You will find all favorite local Thai food as the Tom yum, Tom Kha Gai soups, and the popular pad thai. Secondly, all western guests can eat lamb chops, pork ribs, and duck breasts. Which is the most popular dish for his taste and brings nostalgia for home. In addition on extra hot summer days, tuck into a salad as the chicken caesar or the goat cheese. Alternately, have some fried calamari, burger, sandwich, or bruschetta. Watch for the specials of the day including a variety of fresh meats with delicious sauces made by Coconutspalm Resort.

A vacationer will hardly find a better way to relax in the afternoon than by sipping wine or savoring cocktails. From the classic mojito and margarita to the more colorful and fruity pink velvet and blue Hawaii. Find pleasant aesthetics providing peace and comfort at the CoconutsPalm Restaurant.

To sum up Thursday evenings, the restaurant hosts live show entertainment.