Koh Samui Lamai hotel

Looking for a Hotel or resort in Lamai, Coconuts Palm resort in Samui is close to all activity and the beach. You have finally found your hotel! Our resort is close to all shops and restaurants and less than 160 meters from the beach. Resort Koh Samui is now open to take advantage of the bungalows and our pool villas.

Our location makes it the most requested Lamai hotel close to the beautiful white sand beach and cultural activities. Why everyone wants to be in Lamai? Because the beach has kept its charm and its wild side. You can find bars and restaurants with local products at low prices.

Best Koh Samui hotel in Lamai

With 9.2 out of 10 on booking and other booking services online, our hotel has the best rate in this locality. You find on our website the cheapest price with high quality of service. Our Room a fully equipped and our staff professional and helpful. If you need advice about the resort or what do to in Koh Samui we are happy to help.

The location of this hotel and its service makes it a prime asset. Close to the sea, there is no wave, which makes it an ideal spot for swimming and for families. You can fully enjoy the view and the coconut trees alone or as a couple. We also pro

At night in Lamai, you find on their activities by the famous walking street where many tourists do their shopping or simply the night market. With much more pleasant temperatures at night and its fresh sea air, Lamai offers exoticism and relaxation.

Koh Samui Family Resort

Are you a large or small family looking for a resort for everyone? Look no further, you have finally found the resort you need. We offer all types of accommodation from small to large to satisfy small and large families.

Hotel for family Koh Samui

We have many types of bungalows and pool villas in Samui to offer you a great choice of prices and sizes. Our pool villas can accommodate up to more than 4 adults and it is possible to add extra beds for children. For a new family with only one child, we can simply add a bed to any type of bungalow chosen.

We also offer activities on Koh Samui Island. For a ride with elephants or an underwater activity, we have more than 50 activities around the islands. Ideal for families who are looking for adventure and tropical settings. Also once a week we do a barbecue buffet in order to fully enjoy the swimming pool with full stomachs.

Best family hotel in Koh Samui

Our Rating online for the year 2020 is 9.2/10 by the various booking engines for its comfort and location. Close to all amenities with a beach less than 5 minutes walk. Coconuts palm hotel offers calm with its dense vegetation and its number of coconut trees which remind us why we are here.

Our large restaurant can accommodate a large number of people. You can fully enjoy nature and space with freshly cooked food from Asia or Europe.

Covid-19 Hotel Koh Samui CoconutPalm Resort at great prices!

Book your bungalow in Koh Samui at the lowest prices on the market. Our resort opens these doors with the lowest prices on Samui. We also have over 22 bungalows with swimming pool and semi-private pools.

Hotel Koh Samui Price Covid-19

Open since July 1st, come and celebrate the end of Covid-19 restrictions in our hotel. All our spaces are open to the swimming pool, bedrooms, game area, and others. We have set up a regulated control at the office in order to test all the people or the customer wanting to take advantage of this discount. You have disinfectant and everything you need to provide you with the most complete security at our hotel warehouse.